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Yoselyn boasts fluency in both Spanish and English, a skill set that has been instrumental throughout her extensive career in tourism-related sectors. With a professional journey spanning areas like food and beverage, hospitality, and restaurant management, Yoselyn has honed her expertise over the past 5 years by dedicating herself to property management. During this time, she has actively managed units in prestigious properties including Vista Las Palmas, Jaco Hills, Costa Linda, Nativa Resort, Jaco Bay, and many ...

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Fluent in English and Spanish | Exceptional Management Skills | Tech-Savvy Your Trusted Real Estate Professional Geovanny Murillo brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the world of real estate. With four years of dedicated management experience, Geovanny has honed his skills in the art of negotiation, client relations, and the fine details of property transactions. Geovanny's fluency in both Spanish and English ensures that he can effectively bridge communication gaps, providing a seamless experience for h...

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